We typically focus our investments on the first several rounds of funding with reserves for future rounds. Investment amount depends upon many factors, although we usually target an initial investment range of  1-5% of the Company with several of our investments ending up at 10% ownership. First round investments are mostly driven by 1) How innovative is the idea 2) How big is the idea and what is the company’s potential over the next 5 years 3) How impressive is the founding team and what is their ability to execute and manifest 4) What does the overall team look like 5) Valuation and deal specifics of the round 6) How much future capital will it take to get to escape velocity
Second rounds and beyond: 1) At this point, has the company found product market fit and how is the market responding 2) How is the company executing and manifesting  3) How close is the company to break-even cash flow 4) What is the projected revenue ramp and is it reasonable and achievable 5) Valuation and deal specifics of the round


Helping you succeed:

Raising money is by far one of the biggest bottlenecks a start-up has to face and likely the least fun part of the journey. This is the area in which we can be the most impactful in helping you succeed:
  • We’re more than happy to help you think about valuation
  • Deal structure is extremely important and certainly an area in which we’ve helped many companies
  • Speed of investing: We respect everyone’s time and move very fast, typically a 10-14 day process from reviewing the deck
  • Network: If we invest, we”ll gladly introduce you to our network of other investors who could easily finish out a round