Investing in the Next Generation of Innovation

OpenDoor Venture Capital® is a NYC-based early-stage venture capital firm that
seeks to invest in the next generation of innovative companies. Founded in 2016, our main focus
centers around pre-seed and seed rounds primarily in the technology space.

Some of OpenDoor’s recent investments center around Artificial Intelligence, Machine Vision,
eSports Gaming, 3D PrintingBlockchain, and  EV Technology.

A few tidbits about Us

We’re innovation junkies! Our sole focus is seeking out startups creating something truly unique and out to define an entirely new market

Our main focus centers around first or second rounds of funding generally sub 20MM valuation. We seek an initial position size ranging from 1% to 5% of the company with a propensity to follow-on invest over time

Speed of investing: We respect everyone’s time and move very fast, typically a 10-14 day process from reviewing the deck to funding

Network: We bring a large network of other potential investors that can help you finish out a round. We also maintain significant industry contacts across most aspects of the tech ecosystem which we are glad to share

First round investments
are mostly driven by:

How innovative is the idea
What does the overall team look like
How big is the idea and what is the company’s potential over the next 5 years
Valuation and deal specifics of the round
How impressive is the founding team and what is their ability to execute and manifest
How much future capital will it take to get to escape velocity

We typically focus our investments on the first several rounds of funding with reserves for future rounds. Investment amount depends upon many factors, although we usually target an initial investment range of 1-5% of the Company with several of our investments ending up at 10% ownership

Second rounds and beyond:

At this point, has the company found product market fit and how is the market responding

How is the company executing and manifesting

Is the company successfully scaling its organization in terms of bringing on quality talent

How close is the company
to break-even cash flow

What is the projected revenue ramp
and is it reasonable and achievable

Valuation and deal specifics of the round