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Cubee is an easy to use platform, simplifying connectivity, interaction and transaction between 3D printers and services to customers

The first ever autonomous traffic management platform.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and human expert networks, Accrete builds tools to improve the efficiency of the investment process. These tools help investors overcome bias, make objective decisions, and generate alpha in the digital age

Gospel is a new way of securely distributing data across modern decentralized infrastructures. Through the use of blockchain technology, Gospel allows enterprises to collaborate on data internally and externally with total trust, security and consent.

Flag & Anthem launched in 2016 as a premium quality men’s brand intended to fill a void in the marketplace. They created a brand with superior attention to detail, quality, and fit at an accessible price point. The brand exemplifies a refined, rugged look with an authentic, vintage aesthetic.
Acquired by Acorns
Harvest Platform is an all-in-one platform for your finances. From bank fee refunds to debt management to no-fee banking, it's built to provide you with the information and guidance you need for achieving financial stability.
Romeo Power provides high-performance EV battery packs that deliver the power, range, and charge times people want.
Acquired by Fortress Investment Group
Recognized internationally as a pioneer and leader in web and network security, Finjan’s investment in innovation is captured in its patent portfolio. Finjan has successfully licensed its patents and technology to several major software and technology companies around the world.
Acquired by American Express
InAuth delivers the deepest mobile device intelligence technology on the market to authenticate, reduce risk, and maximize all your digital transactions in today’s increasingly-complex, mobile-first world.
Acquired by AOL
Quigo is an ad-targeting network that provides contextual advertising services for many large media websites including ABCNews.com, CNNMoney.com, Forbes.com, and USAToday.com.
Cornerstone helps the worlds leading organizations realize the potential of their people.